February 15, 2021

Arlington Mill

For more than a decade I’ve been pointing my camera in and around the old textile mills of Lawrence, MA — one of a handful of cities along the Merrimack River that helped shape and drive America’s Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

This recent redesign of LussierPhoto.com found me re-visiting that 10+ years of images and re-thinking how I want to present them. I did a deep-dive through my catalog looking for images I might have missed, or images I might want to re-process. I found a few of both.

This is one of the forgotten images. It was taken at the Arlington Mill, on the Lawrence/Methuen line back in 2011. The complex at the time was a sprawling collection of mill buildings of mixed use, but much of them empty.

Within a year or two of this capture the property was inaccessible. Renovations were under way.

Today the property is a beautiful, modern apartment complex with a 19th century facade.

Be sure to check out the rest of my Lawrence Gallery. And stay tuned for updates to it and (probably) additional galleries of my decade long work in Lawrence.

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