February 16, 2021

Somewhere in Maine

Way, way back in October of that very forgettable year of 2020, my friend, Steven Perlmutter and I briefly escaped our Covid confinement in Massachusetts and ventured north to the great state of Maine. It was a poor substitute for our annual NXNW trip with friends from around the country, but it was still a photography, and that was good.

There was good food, good craft beer and some very good locations for photography. The weather, on the other hand… not good.

We knew we missed the peak fall colors, but still expected to see some red and yellow leaves. That’s fine, we thought. Sunset should be good? Sunrise? Nope. We were met with bluebird skies or silver gray overcast. High winds and unseasonable cold blew the leaves from the trees and chilled us to the bone. The trip had all the makings of a bust.

But it wasn’t a bust. No photography trip ever could be.

We treated it as a scouting trip. We had good locations lined up. When the light wasn’t there, we just looked for good compositions. When the color wasn’t there, we looked at the scene in black and white. We used the motion in the sky and water for long exposure frames. We made it work.

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