February 24, 2021

Downtown Crossing

Back in 2017, for some strange reason, I took on the self-inflicted pain of photographing and posting a new, blog worthy, image for each day of the calendar year. I was enthusiastically immersed in the project for the entire year… er… a couple of months… weeks… um… maybe days(?) before I was overwhelmed with the challenge.

I kid, of course. It was good. It was fun. It was challenging at times, but kept me motivated. I took my camera everywhere. I kept my eyes open, looking for photographs everywhere.

Of course I had good days and bad days. Looking through my archived from that year, I find days where I captured a handful of frames — obviously forcing myself to get that ONE image for the day. But there were other days where I took many, many photos to get That ONE image to publish. I published That ONE and moved on, never giving a second thought to the other frames. Until now. This image is one of the leftovers.

One day in the spring of 2017, I was in Boston to visit my son. I brought my camera (of course) and grabbed many frames, looking for That ONE. At some point I was walking through Downtown Crossing and saw this contrast in tones. I stopped, framed this shot and pressed the shutter.

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  1. I remember the challenge that you took on, you were vigilant for a while for sure, those things are hard to do for us normal working people lol, but I applaud the vision for sure. Almost looks like an IR photo, you must have used one of those super-secret in-camera grizzly B&W filters you are so good at, either way, nice shot. I like the pop of the fire hydrant and reflections in the building windows, well done as always, nice leftover. I have had my share of leftovers as well