March 24, 2021

Old Friend

Today I decided to revisit the Mill. The Stone is one of the first I mills in Lawrence I photographed, it is also the first mill building built in Lawrence, and the last mill building that remains mostly un-renovated.

This re-visitation is long overdue, and I plan to do it with new eyes (figuratively, not literally, of course). It won’t be easy — I’ve been here so many times, I feel like I’ve captured it from every angle. But I will try — no, I will DO.

Tonight’s visit was more of a scouting mission, but I grabbed a few frames. One of them is this shot, of the office in the attic. It is probably not a lot different from other images I’ve captured in this room, but it feels different it feels fresh. Maybe it is. Maybe I was just happy to be out visiting an old friend.

Stay tuned for more.

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