April 13, 2021

Stone Mill Dawn

I’ve been revisiting the Stone Mill lately. It remains, for now, the last mill in Lawrence with an abundance of original open space. As one of the first mills in the City, its story is the story of Lawrence.   In my return visits, I looked for details, and revisited some old compositions and got a few new ones. 

I also reached out to my friends at the Lawrence History Center looking for some tangible information about the building’s history and spent a few hours at LHC last Saturday reading and researching.

So over the next few blog posts, I’ll be presenting images of the Stone Mill. Some will be new (like this one) and some will be old. Along the way, I’ll provide some context around the building and its place in the history of the city.

First light on the Stone Mill is a an incredible sight. I’ve captured it before and probably will again. This time I went there with a panoramic crop in mind. Good thing… the Covid 19 testing site in the parking lot between me and the Stone would have dictated this crop anyway.

I included the Stone’s sister, the Everett Mill, standing behind it. I eliminated the sky. I think this image really highlights the personality of the Stone Mill… the slate roof, ladder, skylights and distinctive stone in the warm glow morning sun. The detached smokestack standing in the foreground is part of the Stone Mill’s historic profile.

To see a larger version, click the thumbnail below.

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