June 20, 2021

Coffee, Conversation and Carnage

A couple of years ago, my good friend and neighbor, Mike Tully, invited me to join him for a morning of macro photograph in his back yard. Mike is a damned good photographer and a master macro shooter, so I was more than happy to take him up on his offer. We spent almost two hours chatting, drinking coffee and, of course, hunting tiny critters — and hunting tiny creatures that were hunting tiny creatures!

Mike was full of great advice on camera settings and composition, but it did not help me in that first session. I shot over 300 frames. of which about 299 were out of focus, motion blurred, poorly composed garbage.

After a few more sessions with Mike, I have definitely improved. My crap-to-keeper ratio has been steadily improving. We got together yesterday morning for a couple of hours of coffee, conversation and carnage. This time around I shot about 100 frames and walked away with 10 presentable images. This is one of them… A robber fly dining on a hover fly.

If you want to see some amazing macro work, give Mike a follow on Instagram: @mtullycts.

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