July 20, 2021


Back in 2017 I had the pleasure of hosting and organizing that year’s NXNW trip — that’s the annual gathering of photography and craft beer enthusiasts I am part of. It started almost a decade ago, was derailed last year due to Covid, but is looking to be back on track this fall with a trip to the Utah Desert. The tradition started with a trip to Oregon Coast in 2012. I missed that, but started to roll with the crew the following year in (coincidentally) the Utah Desert.

Each year’s destination is debated initially over a couple of beers on the last night of the previous year’s trip. It is finalized over discussion in our forum. There are two main criteria: Great photography locations and good (if not great) beer bars. Both are important, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate for the first, the second increases in importance.

Anyway, when we picked the White Mountains for 2017 My friend Steven Perlmutter and I were on the hook for selecting locations. One of the locations was Bath, NH — home to the oldest covered bridge in the state.

That’s a long back story behind the image above.

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  1. Awesome shot, Bob! Supremely interesting. Lots to appreciate. Thanks!