October 18, 2021

Burntcoat Head

I have to confess to sometimes shooting panoramas out of laziness or indecision. When there is a majestic scene in front of me and the light and conditions are changing rapidly, I can be tempted to sweep the scene, grabbing as many pixels as possible, then process and crop to taste from the comfort of my computer.

My most successful panoramas, however, happen when I actually see the scene in a 6×17 aspect ratio, like I did when I captured this image at Burntcoat Head Park, in Nova Scotia back in 2019.  

The NXNW crew and I visited Burntcoat Head twice on that trip. The first was visit was under drab, drizzly conditions with a flat gray sky. Most of us were disappointed in the conditions, and some of us in our compositions as well. I struggled to capture the 17’ tidal shift to my liking, especially when the sky had no character and offered no help.

For our second visit, we benefitted from some nice late afternoon light and our experience from our previous dreary visit. 

With the receded ocean to the west and the rising land masses east, this scene was perfect for a panorama. 

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