October 24, 2021


My newly found obsession with panoramas continues, and shows no sign of waning. In this case, it is a simple panorama crop of an image from Canyonlands National Park, Utah, captured way back in 2013 on my first NXNW trip. I specifically decided to revisit this particular folder in my Lightroom catalog because in a little over a week, I will be heading back to Utah with the same NXNW crew for a few days of desert shooting and shenanigans with friends.

Anyway, this image was captured at the iconic Mesa Arch, on a spring morning. We arrived at about 4:00am, hoping to claim prime positions for sunrise at this wildly popular location. Still, we did not arrive early enough. There were at least a dozen photographers already there — tripods spread and waiting for the sun. We managed to negotiate our way into half decent sunrise shooting position.

After the sun said “good morning,” Mesa Arch clears out pretty quickly as many photographers get their “bucket list” shot and move on. Their departure enabled us to move around for different compositions under the rapidly changing light.

As I mentioned above, this image is a panorama crop. It was captured with my old 16MP Olympus OM-D EM-5. At slightly under 5,000 pixels in width, I normally wouldn’t go with a pano crop from a single frame from a 16MP sensor, but I’ve been playing with Adobe’s new “Enhance” feature, which very intelligently doubles the resolution of an image. The final resolution of the master file (after crop)is over 9,000 pixels wide, enough for a 3′ panorama print.

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