November 11, 2021

Last Light Over Canyonlands

This is one of the last images I captured on my epic, epic trip to Utah with my very talented friends in the NXNW crew. For those unfamiliar, NXNW is a group of photography fanatic friends from around the country. Each year we pick a location, descend upon that location, and consume comps and craft beer.

There are a little over a dozen of us friendly photographers in the NXNW group, and on any given year eight to ten of us can make the annual trip. Those who can make the trip feel blessed. Those who can’t are almost always jealous, and are subject to mockery. Actually, those who make the annual trip are subject to mockery as well: #blamebob

But I digress.

This image, ‘Last Light Over Canyonlands’, was captured on the last night of this year’s trip. We reached the rim we shot from after a long, bumpy, off-road drive that was almost as enjoyable as the view itself.

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