November 17, 2021

Marlboro Point

Way back in the spring of 2013 a bunch of intrepid NXNW adventurers were alarmed out of bed at 3:00AM. We fueled up on Folgers coffee (instant, of course), piled into a couple of (allegedly) 4WD capable vehicles and set out to find Marlboro Point, a legendary (so we were told) sunrise location overlooking Canyonlands. The drive was to be an hour or so, with most of that time covering only four miles of technical off-road trail. We were all tired, some of us cranky and one of us (who shall remain nameless) was GrumpyTM.

It was a rough ride. It was a violent ride. On this ride, four of us sat in the bed of a 4WD pickup truck with a questionable suspension system as it’s owner, Justin, hurtled it over what felt like cliffs. On several occasions our asses lost contact with the truck bed and our heads made acquaintance with the cap’s ceiling. If we were pro athletes, we would have spent the remainder of the trip in “concussion protocol.” But we were tougher than athletes.

OK — We weren’t tougher than pro athletes — We cried.

After what seemed like hours on that road, the vehicles stopped. The drivers conferred. The drivers concluded, “We lost the road. We have to turn back.”

We turned back and and headed for Plan B: Dead Horse Point, and it was beautiful. Mark Garbowski exclaimed, as we gazed into the canyon, “This was Plan B? What was Plan A like?”

While nobody was disappointed with Dead Horse Point, like Mark, we did wonder what Plan A was like.

This year — 8 years later — we found out. We felt vindication. We found Marlboro Point. We didn’t lose the road. Our vehicles were capable — with proper suspension. Nobody sat in the back of a pickup. And the view was spectacular.

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