December 1, 2021

A Sense of Scale

While packing my gear for this trip I had to plan to cover the widest possible angle to the longest. We would be photographing narrow slot canyons (stay tuned for those images), long canyon views, and everything in between. For most situations, my Olympus 12-100mm (24-200 Eq), 4.0 Pro provided plenty of coverage, but I made sure to bring my widest lens (7-14mm) and my longest with the 2x teleconverter, which gave me a reach up to 600mm. 

That need for a range from wide-to-long was most apparent for me at our stop at Gooseneck on the Colorado River. The scene begged for the obligatory fish-eye* lens to capture the pronounced curve (see below). 

As I was standing on the edge of the cliff taking that shot and taking in the scene, a tiny sliver of land in the river, framed by a reflection of the canyon wall, caught my eye. I switched lenses, framed it up and grabbed the shot you see above.  Turns out, that “tiny sliver of land” is big enough to fit my entire neighborhood 

*I foolishly forgot to pack my tiny fish-eye lens for the trip, so I borrowed my buddy Dave Wilson’s to get this shot.

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