December 15, 2021

Castle Valley Overlook

Castle Valley Overlook is located outside of Moab. It is part of a campground. Or a recreation park. Or both. We were asked, upon entry to the park, if we were there for “recreation.” An affirmative response meant we would have to pay a fee (roughly the cost of a draft beer) to enter. As serious photographers, we could not remotely entertain the idea that what we were there for was, in any way, shape, or form, “recreation.”

“No!”, we responded, “We are here on business! LET US PASS!”

And so they did (buying us a draft beer). Our caravan of three vehicles loaded with business minded photographers avoided the nominal fee and attacked the rough 1000ft climb to the overlook. It was a challenging, spine-compressing, ride that ended with this view.

OK… not exactly THIS view.

When we got to the overlook, Armando advised the crew to walk the rim and look for compositions.

And that we did.

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