December 23, 2021

Burntcoat Head

Here is another example of the amazingly diverse landscape of the great state of Uta… um, wait. This isn’t Utah!

Indeed it isn’t.

I’m taking a break from Utah images to go back in time to 2019 NXNW trip to Nova Scotia. Going through my blog posts I realized that I posted absolutely nothing from that trip here on my blog. I was extremely lazy and posted imaged from that adventure to Social Media — completely ignoring this blog.

So here is a shot from one of my favorite locations on that trip; Burntcoat Head.

With the incredibly high tidal shift on the Bay of Fundy, you can literally walk on the ocean’s floor at low tide. We did that. Twice. Our first visit was under rainy conditions with plain gray skies. The conditions were marginally better on our second trip. Both visits were great.

This image is from the first.

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