December 28, 2021

Vladimir Lenin says “hey”

Back in 2017 I had the pleasure of visiting the great city of Berlin. Friends of mine had moved there a couple of years before in an effort to expand their cultural experiences and indulge in their love of beer culture. They invited me to visit, and I jumped at the chance. The invitation came came with a catch: I was going to be mostly on my own.

My friends both worked full time and their vacation time was at a premium. On the days off they did have off, they showed my the highlights of the city (both East and West). We took in the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, a couple of museums, and of course, some great beer bars and restaurants.

Still, there were a few days where I was on my own. And those days were equally adventurous thanks to my friend Luis Dos Santos.

I had never met Luis prior to my visit to Berlin, but I knew his work and had interacted with him a bit online. I reached out to him and asked for his advice on where to point my camera in Berlin. Luis was happy to oblige.

Not only did Luis provide me with options and directions, he took three days out of work to serve as tour guide. During those three days, Luis brought me to some amazing architectural locations and some wonderful historic artifacts. One of them was this location: Wünsdorf, the Forbidden City

Wünsdorf is located south of Berlin. It has a long military history beginning (I believe) in WWI. It served the Nazis in WWII and the Soviets during the Cold War. It was that Soviet service that gave the facility its centerpiece… this statue of Vladimir Lenin overlooking the athletic field.

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