January 4, 2022

Last Light Panorama

Another NXNW trip, another panoramic image. It was a year of so ago that I noticed I am building up a collection of panoramas from my various NXNW trips (and most other travels). I have to say, I now consider it something of a challenge now. Not every scene, not every location, but at some I look and ask myself if a panorama is a good idea. Sometimes the answer is ‘yes’, and I take it. Sometimes the answer is ‘no’ and I take it anyway.

In this case, I thought it was warranted. It is a nice compliment to the wide shot I took from this spot as the day’s last light hit the distant buttes.

Typically my panoramas (and most digital panoramas) are comprised of a series of 4-5 images stitched together in Lightroom, Photoshop, or another processing engine. This image, however, is a panorama crop of a single high resolution exposure. Additionally, I doubled the original resolution of the original image using the “enhance” feature in Lightroom.

I mean, if you want to print a panorama, you might want to print it BIG, right?

Original resolution: 8160x2880px

Final Enhanced resolution: 16,320x5760px

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