My friends call me Bob…

I was born and raised in Lowell, MA, the birthplace of America’s Industrial Revolution.  The transformation of the city's beautiful, abandoned textile mills  from relics of the past to modern monuments of change helped inspire my passion for photography — it sparked my desire to capture a moment in time.  

I am a husband to one, a father to three and grandfather to two (so far). I love them all, but enjoy photographing the two more than I do the other four — when they let me.

They say, "if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute. It’ll change.”  The same can be said about New England's landscape — if you are in a car, that is. 

From my home in Massachusetts, I can start the day by photographing a lighthouse at sunrise and end it  gazing  in awe of the alpenglow on Mt. Washington as the sun sets behind me.  In between, there are waterfalls, rivers, marshes, farms and cities to explore.

It is a great area for photography. It is a great place to live. 

…you can too.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or inquiries about purchase of licensing any of my images. 

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    That's me, in Acadia National Partk. Photo credit to Scoptt Wyden Kivowitz

    My grandson, Connor, at Hampton Beach, NH


    My other grandson, Brennan at  a local apple orchard.