Stone Flow

In 16-35mm f3.5, architecture, lawrence by Robert Lussier1 Comment

[singlepic id=2520 w=840 float=center] This is my most recent find in my “hey, what images have I overlooked in the past couple of years?” series. It is a long exposure shot of the Stone Mill in Lawrence. I can justify the initial neglect … I rented a Nikon D800 to do some shooting at the …

The Clock Tower

In 16-35mm f3.5, lawrence, mills by Robert Lussier2 Comments

[singlepic id=2491 w=840 float=center] I grabbed this image during my first visit to the roof of the Ayer Mill in 2010. It is another older image that I recently reworked in black and white. The effort appears to be taking shape as a series.  

Wannalancit Mill Spiral

In 16-35mm f3.5, Lowell, mills by Robert Lussier4 Comments

[singlepic id=2451 width=840 float=center] Last week I had a chance to photograph two gorgeous staircases at the Wannalancit Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts — another mill city on the Merrimack River that shaped America’s Industrial Revolution. Lowell is also the city I was born and raised in, so it holds a special place in my heart. …

The Clock Tower

In 16-35mm f3.5, lawrence, mills by Robert Lussier1 Comment

[singlepic id=2450 width=840 float=center] I thought I’d wind up the week with one more shot of the Ayer Mill Clock Tower. This one is from a few years ago when I got a chance to go to the roof of the Ayer Mill, but not into the tower itself. It was a bittersweet morning. I …

Beaver Brook Cascades

In 16-35mm f3.5, landscape by Robert Lussier2 Comments

[singlepic id=2326 width=840 height=840 float=center] Here is a reboot of an image taken last summer at Beaver Brook Cascades in the White Mountains. It is the latest in my ongoing effort to improve my black and white processing — a challenging and fun exercise.  

Rocky Gorge

In 16-35mm f3.5, landscape, long exposure, New Hampshire, White Mountains by Robert Lussier3 Comments

[singlepic id=2319 w=840 h=840 float=left] You can find Rocky Gorge on the eastern side of the Kancamagus Highway, a few miles from Conway. And I mean right on the highway. Unlike Sabbaday Falls, there is no half mile hike to get to the falls. The foot bridge over Rocky Gorge can be seen from the road. From …

Plainview Diner

In 16-35mm f3.5, diners by Robert Lussier2 Comments

[singlepic id=2250 w=650 h=650 float=center] This is a shot from Memorial Day Weekend on Long Island. I went down there with a friend to run a Memorial Day road race. Of course I brought my camera, but it barely made it out of my bag. The weekend was a washout. The race was incredibly cold …


In 16-35mm f3.5, Travel, Utah by Robert Lussier2 Comments

[singlepic id=2248 w=750 float=center] Here is a shot from the #NXNW trip to Moab a couple of months ago. It was shot at Arches National Park. That is Windows Arch in the background. The moment I shot it, I knew I was going to convert it to BW. I usually spend some time with my BW …

Eastern Point Light

In 16-35mm f3.5, landscape, long exposure by Robert LussierLeave a Comment

[singlepic id=2245 w=750 float=center] The word over the weekend was that the Super Moon was going to dazzle the eastern sky when it rose on Sunday night, so Steven Perlmutter, Mike Tully and I set out for Gloucester, MA on Sunday night to capture it rising over Eastern Point Lighthouse. It would be a two-fer. …