Cape Fear Sunset

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I didn’t expect to get approached by security when I set up to get this shot last Friday afternoon. After all, it was off-season at Fort Fisher State Park in South Kure Beach, NC. We were the only souls, our group of about 8 family members. We were walking the perimeter of the park around …

Tool Graffiti

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When I was processing this image of graffiti in the rapidly decaying Cape Ann Tool Company, I planned to use the word painted on the window as the title. I originally thought the word so painstakingly painted on the panels was “Picker,” but on closer inspection i saw it was “Pice … something-or-other.” Not a …

WWII Memorial

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I didn’t plan to post another shot from DC today. It just worked out that way. (Click on the image to supersize it) This is, of course, the World War II Memorial at night, shot from the Atlantic Pavilion. The monument is spectacular to behold at any time of day, but it is especially awe …


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I honestly didn’t realize how many decent shots I got from this mill when I started posting images again from here this week. This is another of the machines that did something to the fine metal teeth of the fabric “combs” that were manufactured here. That is about as detailed as I can get, given …


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This is another shot from the old mill. Whenever I shoot a scene like this I can’t help but think of my good friend, Jacques Gudé.  Jacques is a great person and an amazingly gifted photographer with equally amazing post-processing skills. He is in the middle of an extended hiatus from his blog, but be …


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How could I not shoot this little toy robotic godzilla? I mean, he was standing there with his yellow boxing gloves. And his hard hat. And are those thigh pads? Anyway, he spoke to me. He was just begging me to take a shot. How could I refuse?      

Wires for TP 202

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A few weeks back I posted a series of images from an old mill in Andover. They were mostly focussed on the machinery and broader space, but I also shot some of the details of this cool old place. This (obviously) is one of them. The coiled canvas band on the left is not toilet …


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I will, most likely, be taking a break from posting tomorrow as I observe Thanksgiving with my family. I don’t have any images of Plymouth Plantation, the Mayflower or Plymouth Rock to honor the holiday, but I do have this image of the Lincoln Memorial. “How is that appropriate?” you ask. Well until 1863, different …