Christian Science Center

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I happened to be poking through old Lightroom directories this past weekend when I stumbled upon images from a 2010 shoot at the Christian Science Center in Boston. I was there with my friend and frequent shooting partner, Brian Matiash (who has since moved!). We were meeting up with Dave Wilson who was in town …

An Empty Mill Floor

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The very literal title reflects the fact that I am at a loss for words in titling this image. That is not to be mistaken for a loss of enthusiasm in actually shooting the mills! This one is from the Washington Mill a couple of years back. I explored the building with my friend Brian …

Working the Pacific Mill

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Lawrence’s Pacific Mill is one that I’ve shot  many many times from the exterior, but have only shot the interior a couple of times. Most recently, a few weeks ago with my friend Steven Perlmutter. It is a sprawling facility, so it will definitely take more than a couple of attempts to capture its rustic …

“Motorhome.” Finestkind.”

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I posted this to Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was Blog-worthy.  Not that images I post originally to Facebook are not blog worthy, it’s just that I completely forgot to post this one to my blog the day I put it up on Facebook. So if you are coming here …

Pacific Office

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Another shot from the Pacific Mill to wind up the week. This is from the big empty floor, not one of the partially built-out floors. That is my way of saying that I don’t remember if the Mill is five or six stories high. It is a massive, sprawling structure. An absolute joy to explore. …

Pacific Boxing

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The overriding reason I shoot the mills in Lawrence is to preserve their rustic beauty and their history in photographs. This image is an illustration of that mission. Since the migration of the textile industry to the South in the 1950s, the Pacific Mill, like the Everett and Stone,  has had many tenants. Collectively, those …


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Yesterday was refreshing. At least two hours of it were. For a couple of hours Steven Perlmutter and I were able to shoot the interior of the Pacific Mill in Lawrence. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot parts of the Pacific before, but there is some urgency to shoot it more comprehensively. While the main building …

Dali’s Window

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This image was shot at about 3:00 pm in mid October a couple of years ago — proof that the light in the mills from the fall through early spring is extra special. The low sun creates some amazing shadows and light patterns through the tall windows in these old buildings.     Related Images:

The Trailer

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This trailer — well, technically In guess it is classified as a motor home — sits on the grounds of Smuttynose Brewing Co. It is something of an icon for the brewery as it was used as a prop on the label of one of their flagship beers. As I heard it, some years after …

Off Season: Star Search

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A couple of years back I produced a series called Off Season, a collection of images from the Massachusetts/New Hampshire coastal communities in winter (off season, get it?). It was series of muted HDR images, all shot with the 24mm tilt/shift lens. As happy as I am with the images overall, in hindsight I haven’t …