Austin Nevada Mercantile and Drygoods

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My first hour or so in Austin last spring was spent walking up and down Main Street, taking in it’s charm with my camera. It was an exercise I repeated  a couple of times during my stay. The town has a wonderful old west feel to it. It’s rich history can be felt from International to the “Austin …

Exit Only

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More and more these days I’m finding myself going through my Lightroom archives. It might be nostalgia of it might be a treasure hunt. Maybe both. I found this one last night. Rather, I found the original Raw file, never processed. So I decided to run it through Perfect B&W 1 from onOne Software.

Clouds Over the Pacific

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I have a confession to make. I am a thief. A bandit. A robber. It happened on a bright September morning at the Pacific Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. My friend, Dave Wilson was standing there, gazing up beyond the brick behemoth that is the Pacific Mill, his camera, also pointed to the heavens. I stopped. …

Everett Windows

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When I invited Dave Wilson up to shoot the mills with me on his recent trip to Boston, I had no idea there would be a connection between Dave and the mills. But, on his train ride from Boston to Lawrence, Dave scoured the web for information on America’s Industrial Revolution and the Lawrence Mills. …

From Fan Pier

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So what happens when seven photographers make arrangements to converge on the same spot to shoot the same thing at the same time? Well basically, seven photographers get some very similar images. And then they split up and try to make the scene their own. A change in perspective, camera orientation, lens selection and (back …

Pacific Pipes

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A quick post for today. Another shot from my Pacific Mill shoot with Dave Wilson this past Saturday. On this shoot, I broke out my 24mm PC-E (Tilt Shift) lens for the first time in a long time. After 5 minutes, I started to wonder why I let it gather dust for so long. Shifting …

Pacific Mill

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A long day of shooting the mills in Lawrence on Sunday with Dave Wilson began at the Pacific Mill. My original plan was to hit the Stone Mill first. But after I picked him up at the train station around 9:45, I thought I’d drive him past some of the other mills in town to give …

Washington Windows

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So far, my posts this week have all been mill related, so I thought I’d continue that theme for the rest of the week. I don’t have much to say about this shot other than it is something I have been meaning to get back to. That is, photographing the facades of these great old …

Pacific Green

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Another shot of the Pacific Mill Complex at night. I’ve always loved the geometry of these old mills. The lines, rectangles and trapezoids jump out at you. And when you move, the shapes change. And tou can just get lost in the details of these great old buildings. And that is in the daytime. Shooting …