Before Dawn

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I think I need to go back to central Nevada to do more shooting. Since my original trip in 2012 I find myself contemplating the things I would do differently or lamenting the opportunities I missed — like not shooting the ghost  town of Berlin because I got lost! But until I pull the trigger …

Sunset over Lower Manhattan

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[singlepic id=2503 w=840 float=center] This was taken at my wife’s cousin’s wedding a couple of years ago. The reception was held at a restaurant on the East River at the Brooklyn end of Williamsburg Bridge. This was the view at sunset looking west towards the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. The image was processed using Photomatix 32 bit plugin …

The Loom

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[singlepic id=2177 w=750 float=center] Last Summer at Lawrence’s Bread and Roses festival, the Lowell Textile Museum had a booth promoting their program. The highlight was a vintage, working loom. It wasn’t the place or time to do a comprehensive photographic study, but I managed to grab this somewhat abstract shot of the machine in action. …


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[singlepic id=2168 w=750 float=center] I spent more time than I should have going through old images this past weekend. Especially given dozens of other things I should have been doing with that time. Procrastination — it’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. I tell myself I can justify the procrastinating if I find a …


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[singlepic id=2161 w=750 float=center] I really loved this store front in Reno, Nevada. I happened upon it as I was walking to dinner on the first day of my Nevada excursion, last April. It stopped me in my tracks. The roof lined with brightly painted tires and suitcases, a row of stadium chairs, a chest …

Broken Windows

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[singlepic id=2159 w=750 float=center] A B&W image from the Duck Mill in Lawrence. In various places throughout the building there are windows leaning against posts or along the wall.  All in preparation for renovation, which is coming in the next couple of years. I shot brackets here, anticipating HDR processing. But I wound up using …

Egyptian Eyes

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[singlepic id=2156 w=650 float=center] On my England trip, my son Ryan and I killed most of the last day at the British Museum. It was an absolutely fascinating place to visit — filled with art and artifacts from the ages of man, from around the globe. Their Egyptology section is probably the most extensive in the world. …

Monty’s Staff Car

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[singlepic id=2152 w=750 float=center] It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from my trip to England last June. I still have a bunch of images that haven’t seen the light of day. This seems like a good week to dust some of them off. First up is a shot from the Coventry Transport Museum. …


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[singlepic id=2047 w=750 float=center] By now, this old mill has gone quiet completely. When I was shooting there back in October, the business was in shut-down mode. The funky machines were slated for scrap (some were saved for posterity) and the big machines on the lower floor (like this one) were being dismantled. I’m pretty …

The Sphinx

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[singlepic id=2023 w=750 float=center] Just a quick post for today. Another shot from the Transport Museum in Coventry, UK. You don’t see many hood ornaments like this one.