Never Forget

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Meet Matthew Perkins, one of several US Marines I had the honor of spending some time with this past weekend. Matthew proudly sports this tattoo honoring the life and sacrifice of his comrade in arms, CPL Christopher G Scherer, USMC. Chris was killed in Iraq on July 21, 2007 by a sniper’s bullet. You can read …


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A late post for today, and not too much to say about it. It’s an impromptu study in abstraction from a New Year’s day shoot with Brian Matiash and Pat O’Brien. A great way to kick off the new year.

The Spiral

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And now the final detail shot for this week. As I was walking down the steps of the Stone Mill about a year ago, I glanced up. The spiral caught my eye. I had my 50mm on the camera … D300 then, so its reach was more like a 75mm on a full frame camera. …


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I appreciate all the comments on yesterdays post of the Flatirons. All the kind words prompted me look more closely at those images from Boulder, so here is another one, reprocessed last night. It was taken in the same 3 hour period as yesterdays shot, as I was waiting for the clouds to clear the …


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A quick post for today from the Belchertown State School. The last time i hit this facility I switched to my 50mm f1.4 in in the middle of the day. We went back into a building that we had shot a couple of other times, so I wanted a new perspective. Thank you 50mm.

Rock Star

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This shot was taken at the Lawrence Y’s Music Clubhouse Open House a couple of months ago. The Clubhouse is a free music program for area kinds. It offer instruction on a variety of instruments and features state of the art recording and mixing equipment. The kid on lead guitar is Wilfredo, 14 years old. …


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Here is another shot from the Pacific Mill Machine Shop. I made a switch to my 50mm f1.4 for the last couple of shots that day to try to narrow my view and mix it up a bit. The details in the the room, sort of demanded it. This shelf of assorted gages was peeking …

The Monster’s Mitt

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Whenever a ball is hit towards the Green Monster at Fenway,  it brings the crowd to its feet. Any number of things can happen. It can ring off the wall and stay in play (almost surely a home run in any other park), it can land in the Monster Seats, scattering a few fans or …