Tanks. Again.

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Sorry about the bad pun. I couldn’t resist. This is the last of these B&W images of tanks I shot in Wilmington, North Carolina last month. I love the shapes, the rust and especially had fun rendering these in Black and white. Speaking of which … You may be familiar with the HDR series I …


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Another detail shot of the ’62 Chrysler 300. I’m not much of a car person. I’ve (mostly) always owned compact cars that get good mileage and are decent in snow. That said, I do love shooting old cars like this one. Maybe it’s the fact that all I have to do is shoot them. I …

Left Rear Quarter

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Another shot of the Chrysler 300 for sale up the street from me. I didn’t get a single shot of the whole car due to its location. It sits on a busy road across from an off ramp. The surrounding houses, strip mall and telephone poles didn’t present a compelling backdrop. I focussed on the …

Many Tanks

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Well, three tanks, to be exact. This is, I think, the third of four images I have of these tanks I found  near the Wilmington, NC port. Well, technically I didn’t ‘find’ them. They were there all along. They were in the open for all to see. Except for the barbed wire fence around the …


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I’m doing a photographic study of a local mill building for the owners. Heritage Place in Lawrence was purchased, gutted and converted to commercial office space about a decade ago. Great for the owners, bad for me. I prefer to get to these buildings while they are in their original, unfinished state. I did a …

Tanks II

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More crusty BW goodness from down south for y’all. (That’s right. I said y’all.) This is the second in the Wilmington, North Carolina, Cape Fear River Port Area, Rusted out Tank series. Long name for a short series. Related Images:

Twisting in the Wind

In 85mm f1.4, landscape by Robert Lussier8 Comments

More black and white goodness from North Carolina for this fine Thursday. This is one of the famous live oak trees at North Carolina’s Fort Fisher recreation area, at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Fort Fisher was a Confederate Fort built to protect Wilmington. It was attacked by the Union Army on Christmas …


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If I lived in the area I might be tempted to contact the proper authorities to gain access to these awesome tanks. Or maybe just hop the fence and risk arrest. Well, the barbed wire lining the top of the fence might make me re-think that second plan. Anyway my brother-in-law, Steven drove me past …

Fear Connected

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When I hear “Cape Fear” the first thing I think about is the 1991 movie thriller with Robert DeNiro. But Cape Fear is not just the title of a creepy movie, it is also a 202 mile long river that winds it’s way through North Carolina. Wilmington is a major port city on the Cape …