Lady Luck

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[singlepic id=2523 w=900 float=center] Something light for today. This is another shot from the car show I shot around at last fall. Don’t ask me the make, model or year of the car. I just remember it was it was a cool little car.

I think it’s a Thunderbird

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[singlepic id=2522 w=950 float=center] Cars are not my favorite things to shoot, but I am a sucker for shooting vintage objects in general. Old cars qualify. This one is from a local car show last fall. A show I will surely return to, since the farm that held this one holds several throughout the summer. …


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[singlepic id=2513 w=840 float=center] This is an image from almost two years ago. It was shot at the Transport Museum in Coventry, UK. This is the ThrustSSC (Thrust Supersonic Car). In 1997 it became the first car to officially break the sound barrier. It did so in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert with RAF fighter pilot Andy Green at the …

Storrow Drive

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[singlepic id=2490 w=840 float=center] I was attracted by the slight bend in the road. I thought the fisheye lens I already had on the camera would give it just the right amount of distortion. I also thought the shot could benefit from more traffic. And even after blending about three exposures, I still think that. …


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[singlepic id=2430 width=840 float=center] I’ll wind up the week with another shot from the car show I hit on Monday afternoon. This is a 1955 Oldsmobile Holiday Coupe. Or maybe 1956. I was having so much fun shooting the car show, I failed to execute my plan to note the make and model of the …

Ford Thunderbird

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[singlepic id=2366 width=840 height=840] I have been neglecting my blog posts lately. I’ve been getting lazy and blowing off Mondays and sometimes Fridays as well. In fact, I’m lucky to get an image op on Google Plus and Facebook on those days.  It is due in part to the fact that I haven’t been shooting as …

300 Chrome

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[singlepic id=1526 w=865 float=center] Just a quick post for today … The last of the images of the Chrysler 300.

The Ride

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[singlepic id=1522 w=850 h= float=center] I know, for a non-car guy, I sure do post a lot of images of cars. There is a story with this one. My friend, Derek (who IS into cars) was gifted a one hour drive in a Ferrari through a company that does such things. Basically, a ‘Ferrari Sherpa …


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[singlepic id=1521 w=865 float=center] Another detail shot of the ’62 Chrysler 300. I’m not much of a car person. I’ve (mostly) always owned compact cars that get good mileage and are decent in snow. That said, I do love shooting old cars like this one. Maybe it’s the fact that all I have to do …

Left Rear Quarter

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[singlepic id=1515 w=650 float=center] Another shot of the Chrysler 300 for sale up the street from me. I didn’t get a single shot of the whole car due to its location. It sits on a busy road across from an off ramp. The surrounding houses, strip mall and telephone poles didn’t present a compelling backdrop. …