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[singlepic id=461 w=450 h= float=] Today’s Featured Daily (above) is another shot from the Stone Mill in Lawrence. This is one of my favorite’s from my shoot with Brian Matiash last Saturday. [singlepic id=386 w=50 float=left]I love the way the support beam protrudes out of the floor in this alcove of the stone mill. I …

North Canal Gate House

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[singlepic id=441 w=320 float=left]I overlooked this image when I shot in the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence, Massachusetts last Fall. Since that shoot, I’ve also done much more HDR work, so I’ve decided to go back and reprocess other images I shot that day. The Gate House sits on the North Canal at its source …

Riverside T Station

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[singlepic id=412 w=300 float=left]I took on a side project at work photographing the progress of the build-out of our new office space at the Riverside Center on Grove Street in Newton Massachusetts. Once or twice a week I’ll pop over either on the way to or from work make the rounds through the three floors …

Worthen House Cafe, Lowell MA

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[singlepic id=392 w=840 h= float=] More commonly known as “The Old Worthen,” the historic Worthen House is the oldest restaurant and tavern in Lowell, Massachussetts. The Worthen House was established in 1898. The bar’s most notable features are the belt-linked fan system, which is the only existing set in its original building in the country …

Boston Waterfront

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[singlepic id=375 w=540 h= float=] This image was shot about a year and a half ago at around 5:00 AM from Fan Pier in Boston.  I reprocessed it tonight in HDR … 5 exposures generated from a single RAW file.

Lawrence Mill Project, Part 1

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[singlepic id=215 w=550 h=365 float=] The Lawrence Mill Project got jump started back in June when I approached the developers about shooting in buildings that were slated for demolition.  In exchange for access to the buildings to shoot for my own amusement, I was asked to provide copies of some of the images for the …