30 Dollar Parking

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I caught this image in an alley/parking lot as was walking from my car to the Boston Garden last Wednesday for the Bruins Sabers playoff game. I should have called it “Sucker” because that’s what I felt like after I blindly followed the directions of the guy waving the flag next to the “Event Parking” …


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I asked a friend of mine, who is a Freemason, if it would be possible to photograph the interior of a local Masonic Temple. I was surprised and grateful at his rapid response to my request. A couple of email exchanges later, I met him at the lodge for an early evening walk-through and quick …


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Back at the Stone Mill in Lawrence. This is another take on a scene that my friend Brian Matiash so brilliantly captured a few weeks ago. The footbridges connecting the Stone Mill to the Everett Mill were stripped bare for reasons of safety, leaving only the metal skeleton. Whether stripped bare, or still intact, these …


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A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the Stone Mill in Lawrence. I think it was the first day I’ve shot in that building on a sunny day. Past shoots were overcast or raining. The sun popping through the small skylight windows added depth to the attic that I hadn’t seen before. I …

Boott Mills

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I set out yesterday to get into the building on the right. It is one of the last mill buildings in Lowell that hasn’t been converted to apartments of office space. It is part of the Boott Cotton Mills complex. The other buildings in the complex are apartments now. I was unsuccessful. The building is …

Light Moves

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This past Saturday’s bright blue skies and summer-like temperatures did a lot to elevate everyone’s moods in the Boston area. Especially after the torrential rains and flooding of the weekend before. Even the Stone Mill seemed to be enjoying the weather as the morning sunlight makes its way across the floor. Related Images:


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This is the third floor hallway in the Stone Mill. I really like the sharp contrast of light and dark in this image. “Chiaroscuro”, for you art history majors out there. Related Images:


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The title of this post is not about this image of the Stone Mill Staircase and Doorway (although I do hope you like it) but about the motivation behind my mill photography. It is History. While buildings like these are a haven for us “urbex” photographers, for me they also hold some sentimental value. I grew …


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This latch secures the door that leads to the walkway to the Everett Mill. Well, it leads to what’s left of the walkway to the Everett Mill. The current managers of the buildings tore the decaying wood from the frame leaving just the iron skeleton. Presumably in the name of safety. Related Images:

Stone Mill Staircase

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I spent last Saturday shooting at the Stone Mill with a very talented HDR Photographer, Brian Matiash. Six hours of shooting and two different perspectives on a historic old building. This old spiral staircase has amazing character. I could spend hours shooting and come up with dozens of great (or at least good) images. The building …