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Duck Mill Musings

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A lot has changed in Lawrence since I started photographing the city’s mills in earnest a few years ago. I’ve had the bittersweet pleasure of photographing many locations or businesses that have been razed, relocated, or renovated. As well as a couple, like the Stone Mill, that are in a perpetual state of preservation. Three …

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This somewhat minimalistic shot was captured this past Saturday in the same general area on the Mystic River as yesterday’s Mystic Generating Station shot.  The structures stood starkly contrasted against the light gray sky and with the Olympus 30-150mm f/2.8 Pro lens on my OM-D E-M1, I had ample reach to allow me to frame it properly. …

North Canal Gate House

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From the title, you know this is the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence. It is maintained in original condition by the Enel Corporation, the company that runs the dam and sells the electricity it generates through its much more modern facility located on the south end of the dam. I was given an hour …

Pacific Windows

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Here is another shot from last week’s visit to the Pacific Mill in Lawrence. The cinder block wall across the way was once an entryway for one of the connecting footbridges that help define these buildings. Related Images:


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I’m off to a slow start this week, but here we are. I’ll kick it off with a shot of the Pemberton Mill I took this summer on a Historic Mills Photo Walk. I lived the angle, but I wasn’t thrilled with the cloud pattern initially. But it grew on me. So it is here. …

The Blacksmith’s Work Bench

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I tried a number of compositions of this workbench but ultimately this is my favorite shot from last Saturday’s shoot at the Blacksmith shop.  I started with the contrast of the hard iron tools against the wood.  Then incorporated the cabinet with the chalk writing to the right. But it was the drawer below the surface …

The Blacksmith’s Ladder

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Since I started shooting the mills of Lawrence, my favorite shots have been the ones that defy time. This is one of them. It was taken at the blacksmith shop at Lawrence History Center. The History Center was kind enough to open the period shop for the Essex National Heritage Area Trails and Sails Photo Walk that …

Malden Mills

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I spent some time in the archives last night looking for old images to re-process or – as in this case – images I originally overlooked. I know why I overlooked this one. It was shot back in 2010, when I was heavily into honing my HDR skills. I rarely (if ever) considered B&W conversion. I’m …


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In anticipation of the first Historic Mills Photography Workshop, coming up on Saturday April 6, I thought I’d spend the week posting images from the Stone and Everett Mills. I’m not sure if I have many that haven’t been published, so there may be some reruns. I know I haven’t posted this one before. It …

Pemberton Redux

In 80-200mm f2.8, industrial, lawrence, mills by Robert Lussier1 Comment

Here is a reboot of an old shot of the storied Pemberton Mill in Lawrence. I came across it last night and decided to see what I could do with it using onOne Software’s Perfect B&W. Yup, I said “Perfect B&W.” As in “Black and White.” After applying my tone, color response and other adjustments …