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Yesterday’s Black and White shot of the Pacific Mill was so much fun, I thought I’d convert another one from that same day. This one, an interior shot from the sixth floor of the Everett Mill. I’m lucky. I know that. Before I had access to the Everett Mill, I used to venture over to …

12 for 12

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or Hanukkah (or whatever you celebrate) and are geared up for a fantastic New Year. I look forward to this post every year. It is an opportunity to look back on my work, reflect on where I’ve been (literally and figuratively) and ponder the upcoming year. I actually picked …


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By now, this old mill has gone quiet completely. When I was shooting there back in October, the business was in shut-down mode. The funky machines were slated for scrap (some were saved for posterity) and the big machines on the lower floor (like this one) were being dismantled. I’m pretty sure that, outside of …


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I honestly didn’t realize how many decent shots I got from this mill when I started posting images again from here this week. This is another of the machines that did something to the fine metal teeth of the fabric “combs” that were manufactured here. That is about as detailed as I can get, given …


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How could I not shoot this little toy robotic godzilla? I mean, he was standing there with his yellow boxing gloves. And his hard hat. And are those thigh pads? Anyway, he spoke to me. He was just begging me to take a shot. How could I refuse?      

Steel Case Desk

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I knew I wanted to shoot this desk when I walked past it on my first visit to the mill, but I only had an hour or so to shoot that morning (had to get to the day job). I wasn’t sure if that would be my only visit to the facility and I wanted …

Work Bench

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Another shot from the Mill that Will Remain Nameless (click on it to see it bigger). I made a sweep through the building with the 50mm f1.4, a practice I am trying to incorporate more often. The 50, wide open, can make any subject more intimate — even a grinding wheel. Anyway … I visited …

George’s Office

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George is the owner of this mill. I don’t know how long he’s owned it and run the business, but judging from the roll top desk, and lack of anything resembling modern computing technology in his office, I suspect it has been more than a few years. When I stopped in to shoot his office, …


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I won’t pretend that I know what the company makes – or made. But it has something to do with fine wire combs used in the fabric industry. The wire bristles are somehow embedded in the thick canvas fabric, like the coil in this shot. Or something like that.   Related Images: