Everett Windows

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When I invited Dave Wilson up to shoot the mills with me on his recent trip to Boston, I had no idea there would be a connection between Dave and the mills. But, on his train ride from Boston to Lawrence, Dave scoured the web for information on America’s Industrial Revolution and the Lawrence Mills. …

The Groundbreaking

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Here is a shot from last winter of the construction site of the future location of Smuttynose Brewery (New Hampshire’s finest craft brewer). That house in the background will be the restaurant and pub when the facility is finished sometime next fall. Last winter, into the spring, the construction crew did some infrastructure work and …

The Tower

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  A shot from the archives for today. I had forgotten about this old Nikon 300mm lens I bought on eBay a few years ago. It is old, clunky and slow. No auto-focus or electronics, so there is no record of the aperture. But it is great for shooting something from a rooftop all the way …


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  A shot from a boat repair yard in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I made the decision to shoot only with the 14mm prime lens. It is extremely wide and takes some getting used to. To paraphrase my side view mirror, objects in your viewfinder are much closer than they appear. Like this cleat on the dock. …

Garbage Time

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  I tried not to think of what was buried beneath me as I climbed the hill — a huge landfill mound overlooking this trash processing plant. It had all the tell-tale features of a landfill. It was well graded and groomed, tiered and ventilated. At the top were a few mounds of  dirt, a …

For Flat Clean Alloy Steel

In 50mm 1.4, industrial by Robert Lussier2 Comments

  This is a detail shot of a metal density testing machine from my Bolton-Emerson Americas series. In BEA’s heat treat shop they forge and shape the steel bars (knives) that line the cones of their pulping machines. This machine is used to measure the integrity of the steel bars they produce.  

Bolton-Emerson Americas: Blade

In 50mm 1.4, industrial by Robert Lussier3 Comments

  Here is a detail shot from Bolton-Emerson Americas’ wood shop. This old table saw has to be over 80 years old. It was manufactured by the J.A. Fay & Eagan Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Judging from the cast iron labels on so many of the machines at Bolton, I think Cincinnati had to be …

Steel Cut

In 16-35mm f3.5, industrial by Robert Lussier1 Comment

  Happy New Year everyone! I hope you like my first official post of 2012! This shot is from a local company, Flame Tech Steel. What they do is (I hope) evident in the image. Big sheets of steel, cutting with really hot flames, fabricating … things like that. Related Images:

Bolton-Emerson Americas: Artie

In 20mm f2.8, industrial by Robert Lussier4 Comments

Artie works in the Heat Treat Shop at Bolton Emerson. Here he’s operating a punch press. A giant flywheel in the back of the machine provides enough torque to punch a hole through piece of steel 3/8 inch. Related Images: