The Blacksmith’s Ladder

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Since I started shooting the mills of Lawrence, my favorite shots have been the ones that defy time. This is one of them. It was taken at the blacksmith shop at Lawrence History Center. The History Center was kind enough to open the period shop for the Essex National Heritage Area Trails and Sails Photo Walk that …

12 for 12

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or Hanukkah (or whatever you celebrate) and are geared up for a fantastic New Year. I look forward to this post every year. It is an opportunity to look back on my work, reflect on where I’ve been (literally and figuratively) and ponder the upcoming year. I actually picked …

Trinity Steps

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These are the back stairs at Boston’s Trinity Church. It has been sitting in the archives for well over a year. I had been shooting the interior with the fisheye and when I came upon the stairs, I saw nu reason to switch to another lens. I was dying to remove the red velvet covered …

Before and After

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[beforeafter][/beforeafter] Last year I followed the construction of a healthcare facility in Manchester, NH in photographs. I shot there from an early phase of construction through to completion. One of the things I had in mind for the project was a before/after, rough/finish panorama of the front lobby. The results are above. Click on the …

Connective Tissue

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These two rooms appear to be connected. Held together only by the paint and plaster that is rapidly decaying. Yes, like connective tissue that is rapidly dying. Happy Halloween.

Pacific Mill Machine Shop: Certificate of Merit

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In yesterday’s post, I suggested that I might post some of my original shots along with new ones for comparison. Much to my dismay, several people urged me on. So here we are. Since my first week in the shop, over a year ago, the place had been cleaned a bit. A lot of the …

Office Space

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I went to visit an old friend yesterday morning. About a year ago, I spent a few mornings photographing the Pacific Mill Machine Shop. It’s a small pipe threading shop in the mill that hasn’t been operational in about half a century. Not much has changed in the shop since operations ceased. Its been used …

The Landing

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Another trip to the abandoned school yielded a new old building for Brian, Pat and me to explore. At first glance it didn’t hold much promise. Like all of the buildings on the campus, the windows were all boarded up and the doors appeared to be welded shut. On top of that, this building was …

Future Urbex

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It has to start somewhere. The old, forgotten, decaying buildings so many of us love to shoot all started out as shiny new facilities designed and built for a specific purpose. Today’s image an abstract of new construction, a set of stairs in their infancy. Freshly welded and ready for their next phase of growth.