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The Clock Tower

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I haven’t been shooting or posting much lately, in case you haven’t noticed. The reasons are varied and rather boring, so I won’t bore you with details. So yesterday’s windy day with dramatic clouds moving across the sky was just what I needed to get out and break my funk. My destination was the Ayer …

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Essex Street

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I went to the Everett Mill in Lawrence tonight to scout sunset. Well, it wasn’t really a scouting mission. I’ve been to the Everett Mill a hundred times. I know it faces west. And I know the sun sets in the west. It was really an excuse to go out and shoot on an unseasonably warm afternoon. What I really wanted …

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Duck Mill Musings

In industrial, lawrence by Robert Lussier2 Comments

A lot has changed in Lawrence since I started photographing the city’s mills in earnest a few years ago. I’ve had the bittersweet pleasure of photographing many locations or businesses that have been razed, relocated, or renovated. As well as a couple, like the Stone Mill, that are in a perpetual state of preservation. Three …

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After the Storm

In Cityscape, lawrence, The Mill City by Robert Lussier1 Comment

I have my son Ryan to thank for this shot. If it wasn’t for his phone call around 7:00 pm last Friday asking me to pick him up at work, I might not have ventured out the door. It was pouring rain when he called and I was settling in at my computer with the …

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Malden Mills

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It has been a while since I’ve posted an image from the mills. In fact it has been a while since I have shot at the mills. Actually, it feels like forever since I’ve shot ANYTHING. But I know that isn’t entirely true. It has really only been a couple of weeks since I’ve gotten …