Looking Up

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[singlepic id=765 w=840 h= float=] The fact that I’ve posted several shots of this great old stairwell over the past few weeks will give you a clue as to how much I liked shooting it. This shot is from the bottom floor looking up. [singlepic id=741 w=200 float=right]I posted the opposite view after my first …


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[singlepic id=754 w=840 h= float=] I was thoroughly enjoying photographing the empty floors of this old building. The lines and symmetry of the mills, or lack thereof in the case of this building, provide great compositional possibilities. Of course, I was looking for something to break up the sameness. There was the huge Toledo scale …

For M. C. Escher

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[singlepic id=745 h=840 float=] I think the title says it all. My fascination with staircases and stairwells, especially the ones in the old mills is directly related to my love of  M. C. Escher‘s work. This one is from the Everett Mill in Lawrence. I just love the the symmetry.

6th Floor

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[singlepic id=736 w=840 h= float=] This is the 6th floor of the Everett Mill. But enough about the image. I took a break from posting over the weekend to redesign my site. I wasn’t terribly happy with the previous theme and its limitations (no pagination? Seriously?). I tried “upgrading” to their newest version but my …

“Best & Goes Farthest”

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[singlepic id=729 w=840 h= float=] Van Houten’s Cocoa is a delicious substitute for tea or coffee. It has to be. It says it right there on the ad! Intrigued by this old billboard, I Googled Van Houten’s Cocoa and discovered that we owe a lot to Dutch Chocolatier Coenraad Van Houten (and perhaps his dad, …


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[singlepic id=728 w=840 h= float=] The clock face on top of the Everett Mill is about 5 feet in diameter. Manufactured by E. Howard & Co., the parts appear to be almost all original. The only thing new about it is the electric motor that keeps the gears ticking away. I’ve shot this before but …


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[singlepic id=567 w=500 h= float=] Back at the Stone Mill in Lawrence. This is another take on a scene that my friend Brian Matiash so brilliantly captured a few weeks ago. The footbridges connecting the Stone Mill to the Everett Mill were stripped bare for reasons of safety, leaving only the metal skeleton. Whether stripped …

Merrimack River Blue

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[singlepic id=608 w=600 h= float=] Every once in a while an image happens by accident or afterthought. This is one such case. Last spring I took advantage of my access to the mills to catch the sunset from the roof of the Wood Mill Store House. Most of that day was overcast with no indication …


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[singlepic id=597 w=500] Day 4 with the Nikon 24mm PC-E Lens. I love  this door at Malden Mills, I’ve featured it before here as well as the other blue door that is the main entrance to the second-hand store here. This time I opted for a simple composition, using the Tilt-Shift lens to isolate some detail.


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[singlepic id=589 w=600] A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the Stone Mill in Lawrence. I think it was the first day I’ve shot in that building on a sunny day. Past shoots were overcast or raining. The sun popping through the small skylight windows added depth to the attic that I hadn’t …