Stone Flow

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[singlepic id=2520 w=840 float=center] This is my most recent find in my “hey, what images have I overlooked in the past couple of years?” series. It is a long exposure shot of the Stone Mill in Lawrence. I can justify the initial neglect … I rented a Nikon D800 to do some shooting at the …

North Canal Sunset

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[singlepic id=2512 w=840 float=center] My plan to go over to the Everett Mill to catch sunset last friday almost didn’t happen. Not because I didn’t want to go, but because the cloud gods seemed to be conspiring against me. The spotty clouds that were prevalent through the day seemed to be giving way to a …

Pacific Mill

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[singlepic id=2501 w=800 h=800 float=center] Here is another shot from my black and white series of images of the Lawrence mills. This is the Pacific Mill, my most recent favorite place to shoot. I absolutely love the wide open space and tall windows in the mill buildings. But in the Pacific it has a different …

The Mill City

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[singlepic id=2497 w=840 float=center] This was shot about three years ago from the high service water tower in Lawrence. It was taken at around 8:00 in the morning.      I’ve processed this a couple of different ways over the past couple of years, but this is the final, definitive version. It captures the atmosphere of …

North Canal Gate House

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[singlepic id=2496 w=800 h=800 float=center] From the title, you know this is the North Canal Gate House in Lawrence. It is maintained in original condition by the Enel Corporation, the company that runs the dam and sells the electricity it generates through its much more modern facility located on the south end of the dam. …

The Storehouse

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[singlepic id=2495 w=800 h=800 float=center] Back in 2010 this complex was still a semi-vacant mill yard and one of my favorite places to shoot. This was my favorite building. I photographed it many times. From many angles. In all kinds of weather. Sadly, due to a hard drive crash, many of those shots are lost. But I …

Mill City

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[singlepic id=2494 w=840 h=840 float=center] I wasn’t sure what to call this image. It was shot from the Pacific Mill yard — one of my favorite places in Lawrence to shoot. I grabbed this shot (believe it or not) around noon during one the Historic Mills Photo Walks that I host with my friend, Steven …

Pacific Lobby

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[singlepic id=2493 w=800 float=center] Thought I’d get all radical and post a color image! This is from the Pacific Mill, in case you couldn’t tell from the title. This particular building in the complex is empty, but the other buildings in the complex are still occupied — mostly. I really loved the way this door …

Van Houten’s Cocoa

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[singlepic id=2492 w=840 float=center] This is my first post this week, and it is not even a new image. It is an image I shot a few years ago and just recently reprocessed. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting anything new, nor does it explain my lack of posting this week!  And both …

The Clock Tower

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[singlepic id=2491 w=840 float=center] I grabbed this image during my first visit to the roof of the Ayer Mill in 2010. It is another older image that I recently reworked in black and white. The effort appears to be taking shape as a series.