Rocky Gorge

In 16-35mm f3.5, landscape, long exposure, New Hampshire, White Mountains by Robert Lussier3 Comments

[singlepic id=2319 w=840 h=840 float=left] You can find Rocky Gorge on the eastern side of the Kancamagus Highway, a few miles from Conway. And I mean right on the highway. Unlike Sabbaday Falls, there is no half mile hike to get to the falls. The foot bridge over Rocky Gorge can be seen from the road. From …

A River Runs

In lawrence, long exposure, mills, Olympus OM-D, Uncategorized, Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 by Robert Lussier3 Comments

[singlepic id=2255 w=650 h=650 float=center] A long exposure shot of the Merrimack River flowing through the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts. In it’s heyday, the river would have been lined with many more mills with smokestacks billowing dark smoke into the atmosphere from fires generated by this same river — all part of the plan: To …

Eastern Point Sunset

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[singlepic id=2251 w=750 float=center] For the amount of time we spent at Eastern Point Light a couple of weeks back I really think I should have walked away with more images. But I didn’t. Maybe I wasn’t as focussed as I should have been, coupled with fact that it was a Sunday night and I …

Pemi Woods Cascade

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[singlepic id=2249 w=600 float=center] This weekend I took a drive to New Hampshire’s White Mountains to do a little shooting. With little pre-planning, I hit the trails around The Basin is a small, very pretty waterfall just a short walk from the parking lot off of Route 3. On this particularly hot and humid day, …

Eastern Point Light

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[singlepic id=2245 w=750 float=center] The word over the weekend was that the Super Moon was going to dazzle the eastern sky when it rose on Sunday night, so Steven Perlmutter, Mike Tully and I set out for Gloucester, MA on Sunday night to capture it rising over Eastern Point Lighthouse. It would be a two-fer. …

Light Painting at the Stone Mill

In 14mm f2.8, long exposure, urbex by Robert Lussier4 Comments

[singlepic id=2231 w=750 float=center] Steven Perlmutter, Mike Tully and I tried a bold experiment last week. We went to the Stone Mill for some light painting and night photography.  None of us had ever attempted shooting in the dark in the Stone so we didn’t know what to expect. After checking in with my security …


In 16-35mm f3.5, long exposure by Robert Lussier2 Comments

[singlepic id=2186 w=650 float=center] It has been a crazy weekend. On Friday morning, I picked up a rental camera and lens at Lens Pro To Go. The D800 and 24-70 zoom are being used as you read this post, to shoot above the start of the Boston Marathon from a helicopter. It sounds sexy, but …


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[singlepic id=2172 w=750 float=center] Back in September of last year I was driving through southern Maine and stopped at Nubble Lighthouse to shoot for about an hour. Nubble is one if the most accessible lighthouses in the area, so it is always teeming with tourists and – of course – photographers. That day was no …

Acadia B&W

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[singlepic id=2137 w=650 float=center] Once I got into the gallery of old Acadia National Park images, I couldn’t get out. And, of course, I’m still not far from my B&W mindset. So here is today’s image; a black and white long-ish exposure of Maine’s gorgeous rocky coast.