Pawtucket Falls Dusk

In landscape, Lowell by Robert Lussier1 Comment

Here is another shot from dusk of the Pawtucket Falls on the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA. Just to prove I can still produce color images. Seriously though, we were not treated to the most spectacular of skills on this excursion, but the golden light reflecting off of the water at sunset made our night.

Pawtucket Falls

In long exposure, Lowell, Olympus OM-D by Robert Lussier1 Comment

I took advantage of a local Facebook photography meet-up to get my ass out to shoot this past weekend. The location was Pawtucket Falls in Lowell, MA. The falls run over a dam on rapidly flowing and particularly rocky section of the river.  While I got a few shots of the subdued sunset over the falls that …


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[singlepic id=2524 w=1000 float=center] It has been a long time since I’ve done any serious shooting in Lowell, Massachusetts — the city I grew up in. Probably since before I started this blog. That drought came to an end this past Saturday. I knew I needed to get out and shoot and wanted to shake …

Spiral Light

In 20mm f2.8, Lowell, mills by Robert Lussier5 Comments

[singlepic id=2453 width=840 float=center] Here is another shot from the Wannalancit Mill in Lowell. I can’t tell you how much fun this was to shoot. Or how overwhelming it was. I mean that in a good way. This one was shot with my wide prime Nikon 20mm f2.8. And it is one of my favorites …

Wannalancit Mill Spiral

In 16-35mm f3.5, Lowell, mills by Robert Lussier4 Comments

[singlepic id=2451 width=840 float=center] Last week I had a chance to photograph two gorgeous staircases at the Wannalancit Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts — another mill city on the Merrimack River that shaped America’s Industrial Revolution. Lowell is also the city I was born and raised in, so it holds a special place in my heart. …

Textile Memorial Bridge

In 24mm PC-E, Lowell by Robert Lussier4 Comments

[singlepic id=1657 w=650 h=650 float=center]   Built in the late 19th century, the Textile Memorial Bridge in Lowell, MA is one of the oldest deck truss bridges in the country. There is a replacement for this bridge currently under construction. Last week I got an email from a web designer who is working on a …

Water Power

In long exposure, Lowell by Robert Lussier4 Comments

[singlepic id=1649 w=865 float=center]   Another one from the archives, taken about five years ago in Lowell, Massachusetts. Pawtucket Falls is a wonderfully turbulent stretch of the Merrimack River, especially just after a stretch of heavy rains. That day I spent a couple of hours on the edge of the river (had to hop a …

The Rail Line

In 20mm f2.8, Lowell by Robert Lussier3 Comments

[singlepic id=1483 w=600 h=600 float=center] I shot this a few weeks ago in Lowell, Massachusetts. Its the remains of an old railroad bridge. It was a quick stop on a day of errands. It was also very buggy, so I didn’t linger too long. I do believe this bridge has more to offer, but I …