The Control Room

In 15mm fisheye 2.8, New York by Robert Lussier8 Comments

This is a shot of Grand Central’s Control Room, shot from the Situation Room which is wrongly referred to as The War Room by the press. So said our guide, Dan Brucker. After lugging our gear through, around and below Grand Central, this stop was a welcomed break. It was air conditioned. There was water. …

Just Grand

In 15mm fisheye 2.8, architecture, New York by Robert Lussier17 Comments

This shot begged for the Fisheye treatment. I had already shot a very linear, perspectively correcte long exposure shot from the opposite side (stay tuned for that) but something was missing. I thought a shot showing the clamor of commuters, seemingly oblivious to grandeur of the marble and chandeliers would be, well, just grand.

A Twisted Building

In 80-200mm f2.8, architecture, Cityscape, New York by Robert Lussier13 Comments

I figured it was a Gehry building when I saw it. So distinctive. So unique. So gorgeous. It stands over lower Manhattan, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. 870 feet tall. I shot it from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge when we got off the subway. I thought of my my …

Vanderbilt Hall

In 24mm PC-E, New York by Robert Lussier13 Comments

After our excursion to the abandoned tracks, Dan Brucker brought us back to the Terminal and into Vanderbilt Hall. Back in the day (not sure what that means really, but I know it doesn’t mean today), this hall was the main waiting area at Grand Central. Today, it’s cordoned off from pedestrian traffic. Nobody, except …

Brooklyn Bound

In 15mm fisheye 2.8, Cityscape, New York by Robert Lussier10 Comments

I credit Scott for this shot. I stole the idea from him. While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge I noticed my friend, Scott Wyden Kivowitz throwing caution to the wind. He was shooting from high overhead with his camera secured to his extended tripod and release cable in hand. My first thought was, “What an …


In 20mm f2.8, New York, urbex by Robert Lussier20 Comments

Dan Brucker was escorting us to the first major stop on the Grand Central tour. He had explained to us how the system was enormously larger than the street level footprint of Grand Central Terminal. Still I was surprised that the first stop on the tour took us outside the main terminal. But it made …

The Terminal

In 24mm PC-E, New York, Video by Robert Lussier18 Comments

When I went to New York last week my focus was the same as any other shoot: capture some solid images. My secondary goal, time and opportunity permitting, was to capture some DSLR time lapse sequences. I’m really thrilled to say I succeeded on both fronts. I showed up early for the shoot to grab …


In 50mm 1.4, New York by Robert Lussier14 Comments

If you ever plan to take the tour of Grand Central Terminal (its a Terminal, not a Station) then stop reading now. I’m about to give away a secret. OK … You’ve been warned. Here goes … The clock that sits atop the information booth in the middle of Grand Central Terminal is worth a …

They Say the Neon Lights are Bright

In 15mm fisheye 2.8, Cityscape, New York by Robert Lussier13 Comments

I couldn’t go to New York and not shoot Times Square. That would just be wrong. After a late dinner, goodbyes, and some light-hearted insults and curses, the group of us parted company. Some hit the garage to retrieve their cars and some hit the subway.  I, on the other hand started hoofing it back …

The Cross

In hipstamatic, iphone, New York by Robert Lussier1 Comment

After an insane Friday of shooting in New York City, I was determined to post an image from the trip today. The problem is, I’m completely overwhelmed by the volume on images I have to sift through. And I don’t think I shot NEARLY as much as others on the trip. On the train ride …