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After a weekend that was dominated by snowmagedon and shoveling, I thought I would be posting one of the shots from a brief post snowstorm photo walk I did on Saturday. Instead, I found myself longing for warmer times, so I dipped back to my 2010 Acadia National Park archives for this shot — one I …

Winter Warming

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I hope you like Black and White, because I think you are going to see a lot of it here going forward. More than usual. No, I’m not abandoning color or HDR. It’s just that I got bitten by the B&W Bug recently (in case you haven’t noticed) and I’ve decided to dive further into …

Bare Trees

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  OK, so this panoramic image doesn’t translate to a narrow web page, but please bare with me. I hiked last Sunday to the top of Looking Glass Rock in the Pigsah Forest, North Carolina with my running buddies (we were in the area last week to run the Black Mountain Marathon). On the hike …

Off Centered

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I really need to double check my framing when I’m in the field.  I had this shot all lined up, convinced that I was perfectly centered on the bridge. But when I got it into Lightroom, I discovered it was off a bit. Nonetheless, I liked the light and shadow play across the base and …

The Windows

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The symmetry of the windows in the mills is almost mesmerizing. The window coverings are there to conserve heat but double as diffusers, giving the space a certain glow. It may look familiar to you. I have a similar, single frame shot, but I had wanted to capture these windows in a panorama.

The Stone Attic

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I’m winding down a week of panorama images. This one is from the top floor of the Stone Mill. This, like yesterday’s pano (and tomorrow’s), was captured with the 24mm PC-E lens. Its one of my favorite uses of this lens. By shooting one shot (or one set of brackets) at all three shifting positions …

Keeping the Books

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I was overwhelmed by a sense of history when I took this shot. That may sound strange, given all of the shooting I do in the mills, but this was different. These books contain the business records of the Essex Company. The Essex Company was the civil engineering firm that built the Great Dam in Lawrence, which harnessed the …

Shine a Light

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This week I’ll be presenting a few panoramic images from the mills. Today’s shot is from the Stone Mill, in case you didn’t recognize it. This mill was constructed in 1846. Like most buildings of that era, it was designed to make full use of daylight. The tall, narrowly spaced windows ensured maximum exposure to …