Tools of the Trade

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I rarely post two images in a day, but I am processing some images for a rare “people project” and thought one of my volunteer models deserved some recognition. In the course of our photo session in Chinatown, Boston last week, I asked the “Professor of Bracketology,” Brian Matiash if he was willing to let me …

Dock 25 D

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Another shot from the Malden Mill Yard. If it looks familiar, its because I borrowed elements from this one for my site header and background. I’m getting a reputation. My family thinks my images are dark and creepy. At home, the initial reaction to many of my images is “eeew! that’s creepy!” or “that’s depressing!” …


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I love this section of the Malden Mill Yard. Its a landscape of cobblestone, brick and wood with very few signs of modern life. When I shot the brackets for this I didn’t notice the contrails in the sky. I liked the subtle contrast or two different eras.


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Here is another take of the Pacific Paper Products Building in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The title comes from the year the building was erected – the year prominently displayed above the loading dock door in the top right of the image. While shooting the set of images of this building, and elderly man ran across the …

Custom House Reflection

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I was going through my Boston images last night and came across this one and decided to re-process it. I posted it on Facebook last year, but thought it was worth featuring here. I shot it last May during an “urban landscape” workshop I took with noted Boston photographer Steve Dunwell. I like the distortion …

Pacific Paper Products

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Last weekend my friend and HDR guru, Brian Matiash and I hit the Stone Mill in Lawrence for a very productive six hours of shooting. After about four hours, hunger over-took us both. We hopped in my car and drove through the “Mean Streets of Lawrence” to grab some lunch. Its a good thing I drove. …


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The gorgeous weather of the last couple of days got me in the mood for summer, so I decided a brighter mood was in order for my daily post. Here is a candid portrait of our youngest son Ryan (age 13). Probably my favorite of him. It always make me smile. I was heading into …

Maybrook Shipping

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Yellow … I liked how the loading docks were framed in yellow. The posts, the sign, the caution tape pattern framing the dock and the setting sun reflected off of the building in the background.

Dock 27B

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Blue is probably my favorite color, but that has nothing to do with with the reason I took this shot. The door could have been almost any other color and I still would have taken it.

Cobblestone [updated]

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In much of the mill yard, the original cobblestone pavers are covered with dirt or just gone. In this spot they are still pretty much intact, providing a great foreground. After processing this image, I thought about what the scene would look like after a rain storm. I will be going back. [UPDATE] My friend, …