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I have a tendency to neglect my Friday image, so I’m posting it early. As I was leaving the Stone Mill in Lawrence the other morning, I stopped to look up the spiral staircase. Between the decades old paint cracking and peeling off of the wood and the spiral pattern of the stairs, I had …

Stone Mill Pulley Wheel

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This is the shot I had in mind when I was at the Stone Mill on Saturday. I went back yesterday morning with my 50mm f1.4 prime lens specifically to get this shot. Then I ended up shooting for another hour. It is a target rich environment. I am fortunate to have access to (most …

Stone Mill Rafters

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When I started setting up this shot, the main focus was going to be the lone pulley wheel hanging from the rafter. It was only 3-4 feet over my head, but I had my 11-16mm lens on the camera. Even with my tripod fully extended, through that lens, the wheel seemed miles away. Since I …


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Today was the first day in our new office. TechTarget has officially moved to Riverside Center in Newton. My cube is on the third floor, overlooking the atrium and main entrance. Technically, photography is not allowed in the atrium, but I think “of” the atrium is a gray area. Enjoy.


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Another image from my shoot with Brian Matiash yesterday. This shot is from one of the wings, at the top of one of the stairwells. The plaster could have fallen just hours before we got there, but something tells me the 100+ year old plaster let go long before that. There are a few businesses …


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A couple of images tonight, to make up for not posting anything yesterday. Both are older images that I reprocessed tonight. The above image was shot last summer. The image below is from a couple of years ago. I love the smokestacks along the Merrimack River.


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From the Wood Mill Boiler House. I’ve written about this shoot before, but to recap, I spent about a week of mornings last June photographing this building. I would arrive at 6:30, 7:00 AM each day and spent an hour or two shooting, usually in very low light. It was dark when I arrived and …

Methuen Memorial Music Hall

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I went back to the Music Hall tonight for a night shot under clear skies. I stood in the wind and cold for about a half hour shooting the buildings facade from different angles. This was the best. I can’t wait until the nights are warmer.