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Beware of Attack Bird

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This is Darling, the African Gray Parrot that keeps watch over the watch repair shop of Gaetan Demers. Darling is an ornery bird and a less than willing model. The closer I moved my camera to him the more defensive he got. Yet for this shot he seemed pose. My shoot at Demers Fine Watch …

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Accidental Art #2

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This edition of “Accidental Art” features the above image of my mother (Dotty) in all her swimming glory — swimsuit, inner tube, life jacket and bathing cap. It was taken by my father (I’m sure) in the early 60s on Lake Webb in Maine during our annual summer vacation. It is another image that was …

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Accidental Art

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Next Sunday my mother will be celebrating her 80th year on this planet. But she doesn’t know it yet. Well, she knows she’s turning 80, but she doesn’t know she’ll be celebrating — we are planning a surprise birthday party for her. And no, I’m not worried that she will find out by reading my …

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WE35 Contact Sheet

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February’s WE35 assignment was definitely a challenge for me. Our WE35 Overlords asked us to capture our world in 36 shots and combine them into a digital contact sheet. That’s 36 single shots, straight out of camera at a single ISO and no do-overs. It was a creative assignment designed to replace “click-check-delete” with “think-click-create.” …


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I’ll wind up the week with another shot from the car show I hit on Monday afternoon. This is a 1955 Oldsmobile Holiday Coupe. Or maybe 1956. I was having so much fun shooting the car show, I failed to execute my plan to note the make and model of the cars I shot. With …

A Present for Rita

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So the classic Christmas gift question: What do you get for the woman who has everything — and everyone — she needs? Answer: Memories, of course. Or lots of scratch tickets. My good friend Fran (who happens to be Rita’s oldest son) had the former in mind when he called me early in December to …

Austin Nevada Mercantile and Drygoods

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My first hour or so in Austin last spring was spent walking up and down Main Street, taking in it’s charm with my camera. It was an exercise I repeated  a couple of times during my stay. The town has a wonderful old west feel to it. It’s rich history can be felt from International to the “Austin …


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I won’t pretend that I know what the company makes – or made. But it has something to do with fine wire combs used in the fabric industry. The wire bristles are somehow embedded in the thick canvas fabric, like the coil in this shot. Or something like that.   Related Images:


In 16-35mm f3.5, urbex, Vintage by Robert Lussier3 Comments

This week I’ll be bringing you a few images from a mill in my area that will remain nameless. At least for now. I was invited in to shoot it by the family who owns it, but was asked to keep the location out of my blog. So I apologize for the lack of details …

Runaround Sue

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This is my last shot from the At The Hop Ice Cream Shop in Bath, New Hampshire. Not much to say about it except … You darned kids, with your iPods, and your Spotifys. Listening whatever damned music you want to, whenever you want to! Why … when we were kids we had to rely …