In 2012 I made a trip to Central Nevada to photograph the landscape and ghost towns along Route 50, the Loneliest Road in America. On a day trip to the ghost towns of Ione and Berlin, I happened upon the abandoned Hess Ranch. Well, technically it wasn’t abandoned. The ranch was purchased by a big ranching conglomerate several years back. The buildings of the original ranch were left to the elements. Needless to say, I stopped and spent a couple of hours shooting this treasure of abandonment.

When I started publishing these images on my blog originally, I received an email from members of the Walsh family, descendants of the original ranch owners.  They generously shared some details of their family’s origins in Bantry Bay, Ireland to the Reese River Valley in Central Nevada. You can read more about that journey on the Walsh Family Website.

  • Hess Ranch, Reece Valley, Nevada
  • Hess Ranch, Reece Valley, Nevada
  • Hess Ranch Barn
  • Stables at the Hess Ranch
  • Stables and Slaughterhouse
  • Stable Doors
  • Through the Window
  • Master Bedroom
  • Shed Door
  • Stable
  • Barn



  1. We stopped here on our ATV’s to escape a wind/dust storm and decided to check it out. My husband, son and I were amazed by the craftmanship of several of the out-buildings. Amazing part of Nevada history!

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