I have a confession to make. While I’ve always recognized the creative potential of the iPhone camera, I have never fully embraced it for my own use.  Sure, I own and use about a dozen of the (seemingly) hundreds of iPhone photography apps, my occasional use could not be mistaken for a full on hug.

I decided to get a little more serious about it when I read my friend Justin Balog‘s new eBook, Big World, Little Lens.

Available on iTunes, Big World, Little Lens is a tutorial on the basics of shooting with the iPhone and a primer on photography basics. It is also a buyers guide to help you through the maze of some of the most popular photography apps available, as well as third party add-ons to help you take your iPhone photography to the next level.  It is well organized, well written and nicely designed. And, as you might expect, it includes many examples of Justin’s own, very fine iPhone imagery.

If you are new to the iPhone (and/or photography) Justin starts with the very basics: How to use the default camera. You’ll learn how to get the proper exposure and focus, how to use the flash and even what those silly grid lines are for (hint, they are not so you can place your subject properly in the center of the frame). You’ll also learn how to create and manage albums on the phone.

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Learn the basics and how to use them creatively.

In The Apps section, Justin recommends some of his favorite iPhone apps (for capturing images and processing them), with a link to mini reviews of them (and others) on his site. He also provides some useful tops on organizing them and combining the apps creatively. And if you are aran of the wildly popular “Hipstamatic’ camera app, Justin provides a very handy visual guide to the various film/lens/flash combinations.

But where the book really shines is in the areas that have nothing to do with the iPhone itself. In the section, 10 Tips & Tricks offers a few (or 10) creative tips to help you grow your creativity. A couple of them (like panorama) are app specific, but most are simple, practical tips to help you improve your vision.

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Fun with framing.

In the community section, Justin demystifies the world of Instagram, walking you through the Instagram App’s controls, the image creation, processing and upload process.

On a base level, Big World, Little Lens covers pretty much what you would need from an iPhone photography book. Justin teaches the basics of the camera, shares his favorite applications and helps put it all in perspective. And it is all good.  But where the book shines is in the way Justin shows the potential for the iPhone as a creative tool through his own images. Justin backs up his tips and tutorials with his own images, both throughout the book and in a very impressive gallery to close out the book. Each image is accompanied captioned with title and location of the image as well as what apps were used to capture and process the images.

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The book is available as an eBook for iPad as well as a PDF for $4.99. More information and how to purchase click the big blue button:

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