St Paul’s Cathedral

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Well my weekend was a complete bust. Or it wasn’t, depending on how you look at it. I basically spent it either in front of my computer trying to recover a friend’s website that was infiltrated (on Saturday) or in front of the TV watching sports (on Sunday). Then there was the 3+ hours I …

Beaver Brook Cascades

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Here is a reboot of an image taken last summer at Beaver Brook Cascades in the White Mountains. It is the latest in my ongoing effort to improve my black and white processing — a challenging and fun exercise.   Related Images:

The Corner

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I grabbed this shot while running (literally) through the streets of New York City a couple of years ago. I was training for a marathon at the time, and decided to combine my two passions (running and photography), so I did my long run carrying my DSLR with a 20mm lens. Yes. I got some strange …


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It has been a crazy weekend. On Friday morning, I picked up a rental camera and lens at Lens Pro To Go. The D800 and 24-70 zoom are being used as you read this post, to shoot above the start of the Boston Marathon from a helicopter. It sounds sexy, but the shoot has practical …


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I spent more time than I should have going through old images this past weekend. Especially given dozens of other things I should have been doing with that time. Procrastination — it’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. I tell myself I can justify the procrastinating if I find a couple of images for …


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The images I shot at the Duck Mill with Steve Perlmutter a couple of weeks ago were just crying for Black and White treatment. And who am I to ignore crying images? I really like this one for its simplicity in shape and composition, textures and tone. Especially in Black and White. I’m also somewhat obsessed …

Black and Light

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The afternoon sun spills onto the floor in this shot from the sixth floor of the Everett Mill. This is from a couple of weekends when Steven Perlmutter, Mike Tully and I clicked away at the mills for a couple of hours. I went back this past weekend. Not to shoot, although I did do …


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Yesterday’s Black and White shot of the Pacific Mill was so much fun, I thought I’d convert another one from that same day. This one, an interior shot from the sixth floor of the Everett Mill. I’m lucky. I know that. Before I had access to the Everett Mill, I used to venture over to …