Boston Waterfront

In 14mm f2.8, boston, Cityscape, long exposure by Robert Lussier2 Comments

I shot this back in February. What possessed me to go on a solo photo walk around Boston on a cold winter night, I don’t know. But that’s what I did. Anyway, I stumbled upon it in my archives after posting yesterday’s image and thought it would be good to show the contrast. This was …

Pacific Escape

In architecture, lawrence, mills by Robert LussierLeave a Comment

The first time I walked through the Pacific Mill yard a few years ago, my guide was my friend, Tom Short, a devoted student of the mills’ architecture and artifacts. Tom’s love of these buildings was apparent as he giddily pointed out all of the unique details of these brick and granite beasts. He made …

Toiyabe Range

In 24mm PC-E, landscape, nevada by Robert Lussier2 Comments

I guess I didn’t finish my homework when I was in Nevada. I drove towards, around and along side this mountain range for four days without bothering to learn anything about it. Not like me. The Toiyabe Range is the second longest range in the state of Nevada, stretching about 120 miles, north to south. Its …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Carbide

In 50mm 1.4, industrial, urbex by Robert Lussier5 Comments

I never took shop in High School and I’m not much of a handy man, so I wouldn’t know carbide from carbon. But from what Frank tells me, carbide is the grade of steel that does the cutting. Evidently it’s also the grade that drill bits are made of. The day I shot these images, …

Many Tanks

In 85mm f1.4, urbex by Robert Lussier5 Comments

Well, three tanks, to be exact. This is, I think, the third of four images I have of these tanks I found  near the Wilmington, NC port. Well, technically I didn’t ‘find’ them. They were there all along. They were in the open for all to see. Except for the barbed wire fence around the …


In 85mm f1.4, architecture by Robert Lussier1 Comment

I’m doing a photographic study of a local mill building for the owners. Heritage Place in Lawrence was purchased, gutted and converted to commercial office space about a decade ago. Great for the owners, bad for me. I prefer to get to these buildings while they are in their original, unfinished state. I did a …

Tanks II

In 85mm f1.4, industrial by Robert Lussier5 Comments

More crusty BW goodness from down south for y’all. (That’s right. I said y’all.) This is the second in the Wilmington, North Carolina, Cape Fear River Port Area, Rusted out Tank series. Long name for a short series. Related Images:

A Camera

In 50mm 1.4, people by Robert Lussier2 Comments

Somewhere on my son’s cell phone camera is an image of me pointing a D700 with an 50mm f1.4 lens at him. I really enjoy going through my older catalogs. I learn things like how my shooting style has changed and how my processing skills (HDR or not) have evolved. I also occasionally find some …