Dark Tower

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Here is a dark treatment of Big Ben with Westminster Abbey faintly visible in the background. This tower is so iconic and I got so many shots of it when we were there last year, I thought a stark, alternate take on it would be refreshing. Be sure to click on the image to view …

Big Ben

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This is another image from my solot walk along the Themes that I overlooked initially. I remember I couldn’t resist shooting the moon hanging off of the tower. I processed this one using the Photomatix 32-bit HDR plugin for Lightroom, then a quick trip through onOne’s Perfect Effects.   Related Images:

Ages of London

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Still in my B&W phase, I was going through my images last night looking for something to post. I considered posting one of these images from London but was torn between them. Then I had a thought. Why not combine them into one image? Here is a tryptic of over 300 years of London’s architecture. …

The Eye Peeks Through

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Another Black and White for today. This one was shot from the top of the London tour bus as we passed near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. I like images that juxtapose old buildings against new, so that little glimpse of the very modern London Eye through the vastly older architecture appealed to me. …