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Player Piano

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My friend, Steven Perlmutter and I held another workshop at the Everett and Stone Mills this past Saturday — our fifth or sixth I think, but I’m not really counting. All I know is each one is more fun than the last. Our participants are always enthusiastic about shooting the mills and eager to soak …

Stone Window

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Today’s image is a new one from the Stone Mill in Lawrence. Most of my shots from this location are HDR, appropriately enough, I might add. Locations like this are perfect candidates for HDR. Anyway, in keeping with my recent foray into Black and White, here you go. In yesterday’s post I mentioned something about …


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The main entrance to the Everett Mill, in Lawrence, looking up to the clock. I just love the stone work here. Had a slightly different shot in mind, but the trees in front of the building were an annoyance. I couldn’t step back any further without getting the tree trunks into the shot. In fact, …


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I think I need help. I can’t stop shooting these old staircases. They are all similar in many ways, but each set of stairways seems to have its own personality. This is sixth floor landing of one of the stairwells in the Everett Mill in Lawrence. Related Images:


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The clock face on top of the Everett Mill is about 5 feet in diameter. Manufactured by E. Howard & Co., the parts appear to be almost all original. The only thing new about it is the electric motor that keeps the gears ticking away. I’ve shot this before but was not very happy with …