Steam Punk

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Tucked away in a tiny room in the back of one of Lawrence’s smaller mill buildings sits this old  steam engine. It hadn’t seen daylight in over 100 years until my friend Tom Short discovered it. Of course, he knew to call me when he found it. This is the reason I love urbex. Shooting …

Page Three

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It’s time for another image from the recipe book series. I don’t have much to add in terms of description. It is another shot from my macro study of a 19th century dye recipe book used in the textile industry. It was meticulously written and compiled. It is fragile. It is fascinating. If you want …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Cradle

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Once the iron bars that will become the “knives” of the pulping machines are forged in the oven, they are placed on this cradle and lowered into the vat of oil to be cooled. Moving them is a three man task. Related Images:

Merrimack River Blue

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Every once in a while an image happens by accident or afterthought. This is one such case. Last spring I took advantage of my access to the mills to catch the sunset from the roof of the Wood Mill Store House. Most of that day was overcast with no indication of a “killer sunset”, but …

Light Moves

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This past Saturday’s bright blue skies and summer-like temperatures did a lot to elevate everyone’s moods in the Boston area. Especially after the torrential rains and flooding of the weekend before. Even the Stone Mill seemed to be enjoying the weather as the morning sunlight makes its way across the floor. Related Images:


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The title of this post is not about this image of the Stone Mill Staircase and Doorway (although I do hope you like it) but about the motivation behind my mill photography. It is History. While buildings like these are a haven for us “urbex” photographers, for me they also hold some sentimental value. I grew …

Stone Mill Staircase

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I spent last Saturday shooting at the Stone Mill with a very talented HDR Photographer, Brian Matiash. Six hours of shooting and two different perspectives on a historic old building. This old spiral staircase has amazing character. I could spend hours shooting and come up with dozens of great (or at least good) images. The building …

Mill Yard

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I went over to the Malden Mill Yard for some late afternoon shooting.  The slowly setting sun created some amazing shadow patterns across the mill yard and buildings. I figured it would also be a challenge in post process. This image was shot from the top of a fire escape at the far end of …