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I won’t pretend that I know what the company makes – or made. But it has something to do with fine wire combs used in the fabric industry. The wire bristles are somehow embedded in the thick canvas fabric, like the coil in this shot. Or something like that.   Related Images:


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This week I’ll be bringing you a few images from a mill in my area that will remain nameless. At least for now. I was invited in to shoot it by the family who owns it, but was asked to keep the location out of my blog. So I apologize for the lack of details …

Pacific Pipes

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A quick post for today. Another shot from my Pacific Mill shoot with Dave Wilson this past Saturday. On this shoot, I broke out my 24mm PC-E (Tilt Shift) lens for the first time in a long time. After 5 minutes, I started to wonder why I let it gather dust for so long. Shifting …

Pacific Green

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Another shot of the Pacific Mill Complex at night. I’ve always loved the geometry of these old mills. The lines, rectangles and trapezoids jump out at you. And when you move, the shapes change. And tou can just get lost in the details of these great old buildings. And that is in the daytime. Shooting …


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  This image has been sitting in my catalog for a long time – over a year. It was shot around dusk at a (duh) Steel Facility in Lawrence. I was going to post it around the time I shot it didn’t quite work for me. I came across it last night while I was …

Many Tanks

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Well, three tanks, to be exact. This is, I think, the third of four images I have of these tanks I found  near the Wilmington, NC port. Well, technically I didn’t ‘find’ them. They were there all along. They were in the open for all to see. Except for the barbed wire fence around the …

Tanks II

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More crusty BW goodness from down south for y’all. (That’s right. I said y’all.) This is the second in the Wilmington, North Carolina, Cape Fear River Port Area, Rusted out Tank series. Long name for a short series. Related Images:

Ayer Mill Stairs

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The architecture of these 19th century mills have a lot in common. With the exception of the Stone Mill, they are all made primarily of bricks and wooden beams. They were built primarily for function, not form. The tall windows and vast open floor space were designed to maximize natural lighting and accommodate the huge …