Bolton Emerson Americas: Cradle

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Once the iron bars that will become the “knives” of the pulping machines are forged in the oven, they are placed on this cradle and lowered into the vat of oil to be cooled. Moving them is a three man task. Related Images:

Bolton Emerson Americas: All Hail the King

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We return to the big milling machines. I took this shot of a King Milling Machine in action the same day I shot this one. Turns out, it was a lucky day. Of the days I was shooting in the shop, the gigantic milling machines were only in action that day. The other days, the …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Phil

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Phil is one of the employees at Bolton Emerson Americas. He was very eager to show me around and tell me about the company. He was working this lathe machine (or is it a milling machine?  I should have paid attention) in the small machine section of the shop one morning I was there. I …

Bolton Emerson Americas: All’s Weld that ends Weld

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Sorry about the bad pun. I’m preparing this post pretty late on a Tuesday night. This is Bolton Emerson America’s welding area.  I haven’t seen it in action, but I do know there is a lot of welding that goes into the assembly of the pulping machines. Thought I’d bring you another excerpt from the …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Industrial Light

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Thing is, I’ve driven past buildings like this before. They are not of the style of architecture that make you turn your head and say, “Damn. I need to photograph that.” They are part of the benign urban landscape. You just keep driving. No second thought. But light is an amazing thing. It can transform …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Tool Crib

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I have a number of shots lined up for the next couple of weeks that feature some pretty big, pretty cool pieces of equipment. But I also have a number of shots that just capture the mood and the sense of nostalgia you feel when you walk through this facility. This is one of them. …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Long View

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When I walked onto the main production floor of Bolton Emerson Americas, this was the first shot I actually “saw.” There was plenty to shoot before I saw this, but sensory overload hit me when I walked in. My head was pivoting back and forth trying to focus on something. I saw this barrel of …

Bolton Emerson Americas: Punching In

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Grab your time card and punch in. Your shift at Bolton Emerson Americas, Inc. starts now. And, at the risk of violating countless labor laws, doesn’t end until I say it does. Bolton Emerson Americas, Inc. is a machine shop that has been manufacturing and maintaining machinery for the paper industry since 1935. They make …


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Here is a wider view of the towering Silos at Boston’s Dry Docks, shot a few minutes before the Golden Hour. The (nearly) clear sky in this shot gave no indication of the incredible display of light, clouds and color that was coming. Brian Matiash already posted one of his shots of the great sky. I’ll …